Video job descriptions are short 30 to 60 second videos of the hiring manager or recruiter using video sharing the key points, skills and responsibilities for a job opening. 
Best practices for video job descriptions include:
Keep it short: Just like a written job description, if it’s too long candidates will get bored quickly missing important details. When recording a job description make sure to keep the video between our recommended 30 to 60 second time frame for optimal results.
Use good lighting :  One of the easiest ways a recruiter can ruin a video job description is poor lighting and an unprofessional setting. Remember, you have 30-60 to sell someone not only on the job position, but your culture. Use everything in your toolbox to your advantage.
Get to the point: The problem with most recruiters is you want to fit everything possible into a video to get the most that you start rambling and forget to highlight the most important parts of the job. Cut out the small talk and highlight everything that’s important.
Video has already proven to increase the number of applications for job openings by 34%, but will that result in a more qualified candidate? I say yes.
With TalentCircles you’re able to record a video presentation of the job on the fly within TalentCircles (no need to upload) and attach this video to a job both within TalentCircles and outside TalentCircles. By doing so, you can attach a question (video, text, multi-choice with one or many answers) checking if the candidate feels qualified or how the candidate feels he/she fits the requirements. As a result, you can easily monitor how many people considered this job opening both within or outside your network and use the job description as a real filter.
Video job descriptions provide key benefits:
  • It a new way to digest old content, your written job description.
  • It offers a human touch to your company.
  • It enables a candidate with an opportunity to self-select either in or out of the candidate application process
  • If you add one or two simple questions, it enables you to build a qualified pool of job opening prospects. 


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