As with most industries, the field of recruiting has gone through a number of shifts over the years. And with the rapid pace of technological advances, many of those changes have been fairly recent. Technology introduced the concept of job boards, which was a game changer in the recruiting world and caused the focus to shift from simply recruiting to “sourcing talent,” and then, most recently, we moved to what we’re now calling talent acquisition. But acquiring talent isn’t really explaining the whole picture either.

What we’re seeing now can be more accurately thought of as “talent connections.” And this has as much to do with the candidate experience as it does with employers finding the right person for the job. It’s about providing both candidates and employers with the platform for real connections.

In the past, the candidate’s experience in the whole recruiting process was often seen as more of a side effect rather than a real concern in its own right. But we’re seeing now that the way we manage our candidate relations is a key factor in determining recruiting success or failure. And the impact of the candidate experience reaches beyond one specific job application.

According to a report from Talent Tech Labs, a recent Talent Board survey of approximately 250,000 people discovered that when individuals have positive candidate experiences, 60% of them would actively encourage other people to apply to that same company. And when candidates have negative experiences, 25% will actively discourage people from applying.

The Talent Tech Labs report went on to say that “70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent.” That is a huge talent market. If you are going to tap into that, you have a much better chance of doing so when 60% of your current candidates are recommending you to their friends and associates rather than having 25% of those candidates telling people to avoid you.

So the focus in talent acquisition really needs to shift from simply trying to acquire talent to establishing real connections with people you want as part of your talent community. This where Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are making an impact.

Incorporating strong CRM solutions into the talent acquisition process is a major trend that will continue to change the approach to recruiting top talent. Jonathan Kestenbaum, executive director of Talent Tech Labs, shares:

“Progressive organizations treat their candidates and employees with the same attention they give to their customers. CRM tools and processes have evolved from a static approach to capturing inbound candidates’ basic information to powerful systems for acquiring, engaging, nurturing and retaining quality candidates who may start out as passive candidates. With the current and growing skills gap and an increasingly picky workforce, having CRM solutions that go above and beyond to establish and keep relationships with candidates are vital to a strong passive candidate recruitment strategy.”

This phase of talent acquisition is all about being connected. More than Applicant Tracking Systems, Strong CRM tools are helping companies ensure that active candidates have a positive experience while also providing effective ways to attract and engage the passive group. They provide a variety of ways to generate interest, connect often and cultivate relationships.

If you are interested in building a solid talent community with members who remain engaged and connected, TalentCircles can help. Get started today by calling us at 415-835-0202 or emailing us at

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