Passively waiting for candidates to respond to an employment opportunity is no longer a viable option when it comes to securing top talent. It’s up to recruiters and employers to put real effort into making connections and building relationships with past, present, and future job candidates, as well as with other industry-related personnel, to hire people who will thrive within the organization.

Generate interest

First and foremost, potential job candidates need to be aware of you. So you need to make it practically impossible not to notice you. Get your organization’s name, job openings and any upcoming events in front of the right audiences. This is not limited to active job candidates. You want to create awareness among passive candidates and industry peers as well. Use these places to actively and engagingly advertise your opportunities and your company.

  • Social media sites
  • Job boards
  • Job fairs
  • College career services offices
  • Freelance marketplaces
  • Your corporate website
  • Ads on search engines like Google and YouTube
  • Messaging apps like Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope

Create a virtual community

A virtual talent community provides a place for past, current and potential candidates, employers and industry contacts to discuss opportunities, goals and interests, as well as to ask questions and get information about career-related and other topics. You are also creating a space where you can share your vision and ideals, as well as enable candidates to have a “living profile” with things like video and a portfolio so they can share their own visions and accomplishments.

A virtual community provides direct access to a broad range of opportunities and allows real relationships with companies to develop over time. When you create a comfortable, informative and interesting environment for people, they will continue to come back as well as share that experience with friends and colleagues.

Keep engaging and provide knowledge

Don’t just follow, friend and connect. Actively engage with people who show some interest. Stream events, showcase what it’s like to work at the company, and provide them with significant information and resources they could find valuable. Distribute specific content through videos, webinars and meet-ups, and to increase knowledge. Old school phone calls and emails that offer the suggestion to just check out your content and your talent community page can still be effective too.

Whether it’s in a virtual community, on your website or through email or engagement on social media sites, you want to be seen as a source of valuable information. So, you don’t simply want to stay on the radar by reaching out to your potential talent, you want to be providing relevant, useful information that makes people want to stick around.

Be available

The goal of strengthening your talent connections is so you develop meaningful relationships with current and future job candidates, as well as industry-related peers. Therefore, it’s important to be seen as open and available when any of them have questions or are seeking advice. Make it easy to get in touch with someone from your organization who will take some time for them and provide answers. When you have advocates for your company spreading the word about how helpful, accommodating and knowledgeable you’ve been, that word-of-mouth is like gold for getting others interested in your organization.

Respond quickly

When your hard work pays off and the job applications are rolling in, remember this important word: consideration. It is at the top of the list for what job applicants expect from employers. And communication is a big part of that. Applicants want to be kept in the loop during all aspects of the hiring process, from application to interview, to hired or not hired. They expect to know where they stand within a reasonable amount of time.

Even for those you’re not currently interested in, consider this: Many applicants who don’t receive a response after submitting an application say they’re not likely to buy products and services from that company, would not consider applying to the company again in the future, and some will even tell others not to work there. So, make an effort to treat your candidates like customers and foster strong relationships.


Incorporate these strategies to strengthen your talent connections, truly engage passive candidates and ensure the success of your talent acquisition efforts.

For more information on building the best talent network, please contact us at 415-835-0202 or email

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