With the U.S. unemployment rate dropping and just about every state having seen an increase in the number of jobs in the past year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers are going to need to work harder to attract and acquire top talent.

Getting better at engaging with candidates is the key to making this happen. This means the quality of your talent pool is more critical than ever. Your talent pool is not just a list of names and resumes. You need to think of it more as a powerful community that brings supply and demand together.

Encourage people to join

Of course, people need to know this powerful community exists—and they need compelling reasons to want to be part of it. Here are some ideas for generating interest:

  • Make your careers page easy to find and navigate with the opportunity to join your talent network front and center.
  • Place a lot of relevant content on the careers page. In addition to current job openings, include things like comprehensive and interesting job descriptions for all the positions you fill regularly, news and city guides for the locations of your jobs and offices, and a few good company-branding YouTube videos.
  • Advertise your talent community through social media sites, job boards and fairs, career services offices, freelance marketplaces, search engines like Google and YouTube and messaging apps.
  • Don’t just follow, friend and connect. Actively engage with people who show interest. Stream events, showcase what it’s like to work at the company, and provide them with significant information and resources they could find valuable.
  • Get your employees to actively invite their friends and acquaintances to come and join them in your company’s talent network.

Keep them engaged

Four years ago, 72 percent of Americans cited economic issues as their primary concern. Earlier this month, however, only 23 percent of Americans said jobs and the economy remain the most significant issues facing the nation.

With that in mind, it’s likely the majority of top performers who are currently employed are not actively looking for jobs. If recruiters and employers want to influence these passive candidates, they need to do a good job selling their companies at not only great, but better, places to work.

Since the competition for candidates is heating up, it’s important for companies to make real connections, develop relationships and focus on the candidate experience. Be accessible and make it simple for candidates to connect with your company. Make good use of technology so it’s easy for active and passive candidates to access information, ask questions and apply for jobs

In addition to ease of access, use technology to help you be responsive—quickly. If you’re not attentive enough good candidates will lose interest.

And, when you leverage social media and various online groups and communities, you have access to more information about potential candidates than ever before. Use that information effectively to better target the people you want to hire. Tracking and organizing all the data people put out there can sound overwhelming at first, but with the right software, you will be able to create a talent pool that will continue to grow with you and be essential for all stages of employment.

When job seekers know they have a place that gives them direct access to a broad range of opportunities and relationships with companies; alerts them to new job openings that match interests and capabilities; and keeps them in to loop to receive prompt feedback about the results of their expressed interests, they will want to regularly engage with this virtual community.

Keep in mind that employers are likely to be struggling this year more than the candidates looking for jobs. Those who put the time in up front to consistently and positively engage with current and passive candidates will be much more successful at building a large talent pool of qualified candidates who will continue to be champions for your company.

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