Using questionnaires with video is a great, cost-effective way to learn more about the people in your talent pool. While it’s true that engaging with active and passive job candidates through a variety of social media sites gives us more information about these individuals than ever before, well-devised questionnaires can bring even more clarity.

As a type of pre-screening tool, many employers are turning to web-based career questions as a means for individuals to record their responses to a series of pre-determined questions. The questionnaires can be related to specific jobs or industries, or can be generic in nature; and adding the video response option gives a better sense of people’s personalities, communications skills and ability to present themselves.

While some industries are still reluctant to use video in the hiring process due to legal ramifications, electronic questionnaires and video recorded responses can actually provide more consistency to the process than many traditional telephone or face-to-face meetings and interviews. The EEOC has found that video technology, when used correctly, is compliant and can help avoid the issue of special treatment because all candidates are given the same amount of time to answer the same exact questions. Not to mention the ability to see global candidates.

When everyone in the talent pool has videos on file where they’re all answering identical questions within identical time constraints, you can compare and rate candidates much more effectively and efficiently. It’s also a great tool for collaborating with other stakeholders in the hiring process without the bias of one person’s interpretation of an individual’s responses.

Roger Woolsey, Senior Assistant Dean and Director of the Center for Professional Development at Dartmouth College, shares, “The video responses to questionnaires developed by TalentCircles can provide our employers with better insights early in the process; enable them to collaborate more effectively and avoid scheduling conflicts, and help companies reduce recruiting time.”

Here at TalentCircles, we can create questionnaires and develop campaigns for automatically providing those questionnaires and video instructions to select groups of individuals based on your criteria. We can help you organize and track all the data from your talent pool so when it’s time to hire, you already have a strong base of appropriate talent from which to draw. When added to the resumes and other information that’s been gathered about each individual, the videos provide a sense of familiarity and insight you wouldn’t get without the visual components.

While we know everyone wants to hire the best talent for their companies, we realize that not everyone needs the same degree of help. That’s why TalentCircles offers configurable solutions where clients can easily turn features, like questionnaires and video, on or off depending on their business needs. Whether you need to engage, screen, capture or manage candidates, we can help with as much or as little as you want.

Contact us today at 415-835-0202 to tell us what you need and learn how we can help with any or all of your recruiting and talent acquisition needs. Or email us at sales@talentcircles.com

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