The title of this post doesn’t mean you should stop screening job candidates, it means you should stop wasting time when you do it. By making a few important changes to the way you’re currently screening applicants, you can uncover some incredibly valuable information that will make you more effective in your search for the perfect hire.

The first thing you need to do is decrease your number of applicants. While that may sound counter intuitive—especially when we’re in a jobseeker’s market—your goal needs to be quality not quantity. While you certainly want a decent-sized talent pool to choose from, wading through too many unqualified applicants can be a huge waste of time. It can also end up costing you good people if it takes too long to sift through the bad to get to them, since the exceptional candidates will already have moved on.

So, to get a smaller applicant pool with a larger number of relevant applicants, you start with understanding the job you’re hiring for. If you mess up this step, your efficiency immediately goes downhill.

Too often, job descriptions are outdated, too vague and written by someone who doesn’t have an in-depth knowledge of the job requirements. When you place a hiring ad or reach out to members of your talent pool, be sure your job description is accurate, thorough and specific. List your must-haves (otherwise known as the “Don’t even think about applying if you don’t have them” skills and abilities) along with a realistic picture of what the job entails. You only want people who are truly interested in doing the job, and who are actually capable of doing it.

It also helps to translate your list of main qualifications into simple yes or no questions on your online job application. For example, if the job requires making presentations and occasional travel, your application should include questions like: Do you have experience making presentations to a large audience? Yes or No; Are you willing to travel one week each quarter? Yes or No. This can let you easily disqualify people who don’t meet your most basic requirements.

When the applications and resumes come in, separate them according to who proceeds to the next step, who can be re-routed within the company for other openings, and those who are a definite “no.”

Now you’re at the step where you can get very specific, important information with extreme benefits and minimal effort. With a good questionnaire tool, you can easily send questionnaires to your “proceed to the next step” pile of job applicants and start streamlining your potential hires even further.

The right questionnaires enable you to collect pertinent information that can automatically be scored and ranked based on the traits, skills and abilities you know to be necessary for success in the job. When candidates are answering identical questions, you can compare their scores side-by-side, rate them and share the data with your whole team without the bias of one person’s interpretation of an individual’s responses.

When you combine clarity about the traits, skills and abilities needed to succeed in the job, with the ease, consistency and objectivity of a good questionnaire tool, the efficiency of your candidate screening will improve dramatically.

If you’d like more information on how TalentCircles can help you screen candidates more effectively with targeted questionnaires, call us today at 415-835-0202 or email us at

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