The need for an effective employment brand is only going to increase as the fight for good talent intensifies. Your brand needs to attract the right people to your company and give them solid reasons to stick around. So, take a look at your organization’s current recruitment strategy and ask yourself: Are we sending the right message?

If you’re not certain that you’re conveying your company’s image in the best possible light, here are a few questions to consider.

Is your website compelling? Or, could it easily be mistaken for any other site in your industry? Your website should be unique enough to stand out, offering potential job candidates clear messaging about your company’s culture and vision. The images and content should enable visitors to walk away with an accurate understanding of what it would be like to work there. And should clearly point out why working there would be a great thing.

Do your employees refer their friends? Employee referrals continue to be one of the best resources for good job candidates. If your employees make referrals, what are they telling people about the company? What are the pros and cons they provide when explaining the work environment? Does their perception match the image you want to portray? If they’re not making referrals, you need to find out why.

Why are candidates applying (or not applying)? It’s important to ask potential candidates why they are applying for the job. Do they mention things related to your employment brand, like the personality of the company, work environment and employee value proposition? Get a feel for what drew them to the job and the organization and why those things are important to them. If there are people in your talent community who seem to be a good fit but didn’t apply, contact them and find out why.

What are people saying on social media? Make an effort to explore a variety of social media outlets to learn how people are talking about your organization. What are your own employees saying? How are you perceived in the industry? How are you being compared to your competition, and are the assessments accurate? If what you’re seeing is not on point with what you want to convey, you need to actively make changes.

You’ll know that your employment brand is strong and effective when:

  • You’re attracting a highly skilled workforce
  • Your messaging about the overall employee experience is being accurately reflected on social media sites and industry forums
  • Job candidates can clearly articulate why they prefer to work for your company over your competition
  • You are filling vacancies much faster
  • You are not just attracting, but are retaining top talent because there are no surprises when it comes to work environment and expectations, and because they are a good fit for your culture

When you think about the fact that a company’s most import asset is its workforce, it stands to reason that a strong employment brand is just important as your company’s consumer branding. If you’re not making a concerted effort to develop a strong employment brand—one that focuses on building a workforce that aligns with your company’s core values and promotes your desired culture, image and work environment—it’s time to start.

For more information on how to build an employment brand that demonstrates why your organization is a great place to work, call us today at 415-835-0202 or email us at sales@talentcircles.com.

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