Chances are good—really good—that if people have to work too hard to join your talent network, they won’t. Since that’s true even for individuals actively looking for jobs, you won’t stand a chance with all those passive candidates out there if you don’t make the process as simple and inviting as possible.

And don’t forget the importance of making things easy on yourself. As a recruiter, your experience matters too. Having the right tools at your disposal to help you easily attract, engage and manage skilled talent is critical for your success. After all, if it’s too complicated or time consuming, how motivated are you going to be work at it?

Here are some tips for making it easy for everyone involved to become part of an exceptional talent network.

For Recruiters

There are so many great tools available for recruiters right now, that everyone should be able to find something that fits their needs. Look for options that can help you with:

Attracting talent – Send automated notifications for new job opportunities and new content offerings

Capturing information – Easily import data—including resumes—into your talent network to begin the automated engagement process that will encourage candidates to stay connected.

Managing data – Use tools that can easily categorize candidates according to things like experience, skills, behavioral qualities, and interests, while also providing simple options for analyzing and reporting on a huge variety of data points.

Continued talent engagement – Send automated, branded messages with customizable templates and content to candidates, and track their effectiveness.

Easy integration with your existing tools – Use a system with open architecture that allows integration with any of your existing software and syncs all of your talent acquisition and recruiting tools together onto one single platform.

For Passive Talent

Because passive talent is not actively looking for new jobs, you need to be diligent about getting in front of them in the first place. Make sure your company appears on job boards, on social media and in industry forums. Be a guest blogger on sites that attract the type of talent you want to add to your network. Maintain solid relationships with college career services offices so they encourage students and alumni to become part of your talent community.

With a strong employer brand, you can generate interest so passive, potential candidates begin to consider joining your network. Now make it easy for them to follow through.

Obvious single click option – Provide a simple “Join Now” button on your own website, or wherever you post company information (including on mobile platforms), that automatically pulls in visitor’s information so they don’t have to get rerouted to different pages or complete a series of forms in order to become part of your talent network.

Integration with social media – Use tools that allow candidates to join your talent community using their preferred social login. This will also let them share information about jobs, specific industries and your company with others in their social networks.

Individual options – Make your talent community’s offerings obvious and give people choices. For those individuals who want to take a few extra seconds to customize their experience, provide a concise list of options they can choose to receive automatically on a regular basis: new job listing, blog posts, industry content, company news, etc.

For Active Job Seekers

Although you will still use the same “keep it simple” principles as mentioned above for passive talent, your approach to convincing active job seekers to join your network when you don’t have an immediate opening will be slightly different. On the positive side, unlike passive talent where the difficulty is getting them to notice you in the first place, active candidates are more likely to more readily come across your company’s job postings and general information because they are regularly searching for job openings. However, active job seekers may be reluctant to take the time to join your talent community if they don’t see an open opportunity that fits their needs right now. Your goal is to convince them that being part of your community could benefit them in both the short and long term.

In your job postings, and on job boards in general, be sure to advertise that you are always seeking skilled talent to join your talent network, and mention the benefits of being part of that network. They will have access to hiring managers, current and past employees, relevant job search information and new job postings. They can also join in industry-related discussions and grow their own network of contacts. And they can get all this with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Whether you’re recruiting, actively looking for a new job, or just staying informed and making contacts, building relationships is essential to employment success. To find out more about the benefits of building a strong talent community, contact us at 415-835-0202 or

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