With 2017 only days away, recruiters can head into the new year feeling confident about keeping busy since hiring is expected to increase this year. On the downside, for most companies this increase won’t include a rise in recruiting budgets. So, leaders are going to be looking for ways to get more bang for their buck.

According to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2017 automation is going to be a major focus for recruiters due to a heavier workload without additional personnel or money being added to help them do the job.

A More Automated Recruiting Process

So many aspects of recruiting can be streamlined through good automation tools. Looking for innovative, automated screening, interviewing, scheduling and reporting tools to help the process go much faster, is going to be a major initiative for many companies since this will cut back on time to hire as well as manpower costs. Leaders are also going to be more interested in finding automated methods for assessing soft skills like communication abilities, ability to collaborate and drive to accomplish goals.

Automation also lends itself to helping employers achieve another one of their important goals for the next few years—recruiting more diverse candidates—since it removes the potential human-bias elements.

Recruiting More Diverse Candidates

Strong leaders know a diverse workforce isn’t simply a numbers game focused on how many members of certain groups of people they employ.  It’s about bringing the diverse perspectives, work experiences, life styles and cultures of those groups together to make the company a better place. Employers will be focusing more on cultivating cultures that value and respect people’s differences so they are comfortable being themselves and are part of a fully contributing workforce.

In addition to the positive productivity impact of having a diverse workforce, it is also seen as a good differentiator when it comes to employer branding. This focus on employer branding will be top of mind for many companies heading into 2017 and beyond.

Focus on Employer Branding

Standing out in a sea of competition is going to increase in importance as we move forward. In LinkedIn’s report, more than half of respondents would choose to invest in employer branding if they had an unlimited budget. Even with a lean wallet, though, companies will be striving to supply messaging about company culture and career growth in their efforts to differentiate themselves. And, company career websites and social media, particularly LinkedIn, still seem to be the places of choice for employers to showcase their brands.

Although employers might not be able to spend as money much as they’d like on the effort, there is still likely to be a marked increase in the number of jobs related to employer branding over the next few years.


While there are many recruiting activities employers will be involved with as hiring increases in 2017, focusing on these three trends should have one of the largest impacts on their continued success.

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