So, what is single sign-on and how important is it for your talent community members?

In the most basic terms, single sign-on is a service that lets you access multiple websites with just one user name and password. Although it sounds simple enough, it’s actually a pretty powerful tool for creating an excellent customer experience.

And, the importance of viewing every aspect of your business or institution from the customer’s perspective seems to increase right along with our increased use of technology. The use of technology—whether in academia or business—should help you engage more effectively with your audience, not make things more difficult.

While the need to enter login credentials for every individual domain might have been acceptable in the early days of the worldwide web, it’s now seen as cumbersome and annoying. The more pervasive technology becomes in people’s everyday lives, the more they expect every action to produce instantaneous results with as little effort as possible. The easier you make your community members’ experiences, the more they feel cared about. This is where the single sign-on comes in.

One of the major advantages of single sign-on is a reduction in the number of passwords people need to remember. Once they log in to one application that’s part of your system of various applications, platforms or websites, they can access everything.

This unified customer experience serves two purposes. First, it makes it effortless for customers or members to regularly engage with your university, community or business; which makes them more likely to remain loyal. And second, it gives you a single view of all the aggregated data available about your customers and community members.

Understanding the customer experience is one of the biggest challenges for marketers and business leaders. Single sign-on is key for creating a central profile that houses data you can analyze to get detailed insights into customer and community members behavior.

As customers enjoy the seamless ease of use, you can continue to make their experiences specific to them as individuals. Having each member’s complete activity data compiled in one single location lets them pick up where they left off in their activities or pursuit of information regardless of the application, platform or device they’re presently using—while you simultaneously learn more about their needs and basically fulfill their expectations by creating an experience that’s unique to their interests.

If you need one more reason to get on board with single sign-on, consider this. You’ll be able to use your IT budget for important technology upgrades since you’ll be spending less on Help Desk calls about passwords!

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