You know that building a strong talent network is essential for staying connected to the people who have the potential to be your next great employees. But, if you’re not also focusing on the bigger picture of an online community, you’re letting some great opportunities slip by.

In the blog post from Higher Logic, The Role of Online Communities and Customer Portals in Sales Enablement, they offer some great insights into using online communities for sales enablement. They point out that, “Many of today’s sales enablement programs don’t provide a one-stop shop where prospects can go to learn and ask questions online – something that’s becoming more and more of a necessity as people turn to the internet for information.”

Instead of focusing mainly on standard sales collateral, the goal for communities and customer portals should be to keep people engaged. You want to provide value on multiple levels so they will continue to come back indefinitely.

Susan Magrino, TalentCircles president, agrees with the concept of combining enablement with engagement. She explains, “An online community, which talent communities truly are, should offer more than just jobs and skills. Blogs, product offers and industry expertise should also be considered.”

Just as Higher Logic points out that online communities need to be rich with meaningful content like research, Q&A sessions and customer input opportunities to successfully enable sales teams, TalentCircles’ philosophy is that the same holds true for engaging talent.

If you offer a strong community where prospects, customers, employees and potential employees can interact to create user-generated content, learn more about your business and products, and find loads of helpful information, those individuals can’t help but forge relationships. And, with your company as the hub of those relationships, you’ll be building a network of advocates. Equally important is the fact that you will be able to gather mountains of data from your community members to help you inform your recruiting and business decisions.

If you’d like more information on the strategies for making the most of your online community, contact us at 415-835-0202 or

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