Tech for the future

According to current industry data, the fight for tech talent is only going to increase. Are you prepared? Will you be able to attract strong tech candidates in the future? Talent for tech-specific jobs will be scarce and recruiters need to make changes now if they want to be able to compete for this limited resource. Think about it. And ask yourself: What am I doing today to create a workplace that will attract job seekers ten years from now?

This is the kind of question that made Cisco Systems perform a complete overhaul of their talent acquisition approach. In a recent RecruitingTrends Thought Leadership piece, Jill Larsen, senior VP for talent acquisition at Cisco, put it this way, “Our mission was simple: We needed to build a best-in-class TA organization to inspire today’s talent for tomorrow’s Cisco.” In the article, How Cisco Disrupted Its Approach to Talent, Larsen provides three lessons that talent acquisition leaders need to follow if they want to be prepared for the future that technology is bringing our way.

She points out the importance of diligently using social networks to capture the attention of job candidates and stay connected. Investing in your talent brand is a necessary step to help you reach more potential talent, give candidates an accurate picture of your culture, and turn all your employees into ambassadors for your organization.

Larsen also explained the necessity of having great recruiters, noting that they are often the first contact that potential candidates have with a company. In the article, she puts it this way: “Recruiters should be equipped with the ability to generate talent pipelines, know how to competitively differentiate your company, deeply understand your products and markets, be able to consult to all their constituencies and, most importantly, they need to be able to negotiate and close the deal to hire the best candidates.” This requires a strong commitment and investment from the company, but, when done correctly, the results will prove that it was well worth the time and money.

The third lesson Larsen offers is the importance of using cloud-based technology. She says that using cloud-based systems that integrate with each other allows for better productivity and a much greater ability to analyze the mountains of data available inside your talent communities. All of this lends itself to more successful strategic planning, as well as the ability to connect with the right people, form symbiotic relationships, and make your organization an appealing option for strong talent.

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