TalentCircles, Inc. Acquires Exclusive Rights to Workforce Inventory & Scoring Patent

SAN BRUNO, CA — 06/20/17—TalentCircles, Inc., a leading provider of Talent Community platforms, announced today that it has acquired exclusive rights to one of the original patents created within the human capital management industry: methods for reviewing and qualifying a workforce. The patent, acquired from CorporateFables, Inc. for an undisclosed amount, provides highly configurable scoring systems and builds the foundation for evaluating the performance capabilities of talent relative to position specifications. Talent, as designated within the patent, includes applicants, as well as part-time and full-time employees, who are covering the current and future needs of an inventoried workforce.

“We are very pleased to be able to announce this important acquisition,” stated Susan Magrino, CEO of TalentCircles, “since it is very rare to find a strategic match this closely aligned.” Ms. Magrino added that TalentCircles continues to have additional patents pending.

Best known for medium to large-sized talent networks, TalentCircles has implemented features that range from screening members with ‘Questionnaires and Video Chat’ to engaging the workforce with ‘Limited Reviewers and Matching.’ The open system architecture supports the configuration of each platform to provide the tools specifically required by each client.

TalentCircles is expanding the platform to prepare for the shifting talent demands of the new economy. “The acquisition of our first patent allows TalentCircles to be ready for the many segments of recruiting and managing a generational workforce. Every member of the new economy, from Gig-Worker to a Boomerang, is supported within our platform,” Ms. Magrino stated, “and we are pleased to continue to build out the vision.”

About TalentCircles                                                                                                                                       Founded in August of 2011, TalentCircles is a Silicon Valley cloud-based company providing the platform that enables talent connection solutions for employers of all sizes and needs.  Based in San Bruno, California, the TalentCircles team focuses on ‘staffing, education, government and organizations that value a diversified workforce’. For more information, please contact:

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Technology platforms enable ‘Staffing Firms and Talent Pools’ to maximize effectiveness

SAN BRUNO, California – April 13, 2016: TalentCircles, a company specializing in talent connection solutions, has just released a white paper which pinpoints why and how recruiting firms must upgrade from the 25-year-old business model they’ve been relying on. This paper, “Staffing Firms and Talent Pools: The Time Has Come to Sink or Swim” delves into the issues that are causing client businesses to question the effectiveness of current staffing practices.  Request our paper

The company is focused on new directions

SAN BRUNO, California – February 11, 2016: TalentCircles, Inc. Chairman, Jack Myers, has announced the appointment of Susan Magrino as the company’s new CEO. She assumed responsibilities for the position on February 4th and will continue optimizing TalentCircles, Inc. product lines and content within the Talent Acquisition Industry.

Ms. Magrino has been part of the TalentCircles team for the past three years. She was Senior Vice President of Sales before being promoted to company President in September of 2015. During that time, TalentCircles accomplished significant growth within government projects sector while working closely with ResCare Workforces Services, the nation’s leading workforce services provider with more than 300 locations nationwide.

“TalentCircles is fortunate to be at the center of an industry currently involved with dynamic shifts of the workforce.  We are the first HR platform to truly enable Talent Connection Solutions.   With this powerful tool in hand, we are currently focusing our marketing initiatives on education, staffing, government and diversity sectors of the market.   We are clear as to our place within this industry.” Ms. Magrino stated, “TalentCircles provides real connections between candidates and employers, providing the best possible outcome for each”.

Ms. Magrino has more than 25 years of comprehensive experience in directing operations through strategic planning and team management.   She has been effective in high-profile executive roles, making critical decisions and overcoming complex business challenges.

She’s also been very effective as well in growing companies to both IPO and merger/acquisition positions.

Jack Myers, TalentCircles’ Chairman said,  “With Susan’s expertise in sales, new business development, marketing, and grass-roots industry knowledge, she’ll be in a great position to lead our company to the actualization of its business plans.”

“Susan has deep experience and understanding of the importance of implementing best practices and motivating our team to achieve a truly differentiated product in a crowded HR technology space.” Myers added.

About TalentCircles

Founded in August of 2011, TalentCircles is a Silicon Valley cloud based company providing the platform that enables talent connection solutions for employers of all sizes and needs.    Based in San Bruno, California, the TalentCircles team will be previewing their new and innovative roadmap to select clients throughout Q2, 2016.   More information may be obtained by contacting info@TalentCircles.com or visiting the evolving TalentCircles website at http://www.talentcircles.com/